lea riders group - Sept 1961 - June 1968


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Hawkey Franzén
Linnéa Musik Prod
Teater Antagligen
Lea Riders Group
Jason´s Fleece



Lost Love

Got No Woman

The Situation´s Rare

Ain´t It Strange?

The Forgotten Generation

Blues In Ess

Cash Box Lady




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                           CD with Hawkey´s music

                         and Stig Dagerman´s lyrics
                        released on Gazell Records  
                    NOMINATED FOR GRAMMY 2006!



LP "Lea Riders Group - The singles 1966-68"
released on Universal Music (060255762873) in April 14, 2018

The embryo of the group was formed as early as Autumn -61 under the name of Red River Band, a trio with accordion, trumpet and drums...(sic). Then it became Lee Riders and in August -63 the name finally became Lea Riders Group.Hawkey founded the group and besides of him 12 other members have come and gone - Lars Prim (trp), Olof Svensson (drm), Lars Yancey Nilsson (in beginning pi,then elec.bass and vocal), Åke Buddy Johansson guitar,vocal), Alf Sandher (drm), Åke Ake Engström (drm,vocal), Tommy Slim Borgudd (drm,vocal), Sigge Ehlin (guitar,harmonica,vocal), Leif Alverstam (elec.bass) and Bosse Häggström (elec.bass). Last week on the Golden Circle in Stockholm Jojje Wadenius replaced Sigge Ehlin on guitar.(for a couple of short periodes Bonnie Zetterberg from group Palmes on elec.bass)

The group was founded in the small town of Borgholm on the little island Öland and conquered the whole country and was even mentioned abroad as a ”raw, tough and genuin blues- and r&b-group...”. Influences came from, among  others, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Alexis Corner and of course also Rolling Stones and Beatles.

Lea Riders Group started to play during danceparties in school, the “Middle school” in Borgholm, and then it became small “dance-halls” in all parts of the island, further on mainland and Kalmar town, counties Småland, Blekinge, Västergötland where the group became ”big and famous” in the towns Skövde, Skara and Karlsborg.Went on to county Östergötland and in March -66 the group reached the capital Stockholm for the first time and played in clubs like Bobbadilla in the Old Town. In a very short time the group became ”the in and hot band” in places like the University of Commerce, University Corps and the ´worldknown´  jazz&blues-club the Golden Circle. At the Golden Circle LRG became sort of houseband together with, among othters, Hansson & Karlsson. Other clubs were of course HitHouse, Pråmen (the Scow by the City Hall) and the famous Nalen.

At Golden Circle the filmmakers Jan Lindkvist and Stefan Jarl shooted the first live-appearance on TV with LRG for the yought-program ”Stänk” (Sprinkle) produced by Mona Sjöström in Fall -66.

First single was recorded in the new studio in Philip´s House. The ”studio” was situated on the stage with a small compartment as controlroom with 4-channel recorder and Gert Palmcrantz and Bampe Carlsson as technicians. In that studio also the four coming singles were recorded, the last one in connection with the movie ”Dom Kallar Oss Mods/They Call Us Misfits” in Spring -68. Hawkey and the group made the music for the film.(filmmusic was recorded at EuropaFilm) In May 1968 Lea Riders Group performed the last week as group at the Golden Circle but then one of the members - Sigge Ehlin - already had left and got back to Öland. So, Georg Jojje Wadenius replaced Sigge on guitar. The group just had to get the very modest salary but it was, according to Hawkey, rather futile jamsession-nights and as a natural consequence the band splitted and Tommy Slim Borgudd, Bosse Häggström and Jojje Wadenius became the new group Made In Sweden.

Lea Riders Group appeared live in the radioshow ”Tonårskväll/TeenageEvening” some times and thanks to Hawkey, who saved tapecopies from these occasions, the small recordcompany GarageLandRecords in Umeå, was able to release a LP with some live material and 10 titles from the singles in 1989. In May 1998 the same company released a CD - Lea Riders Group/The Forgotten Generation - with same material as the LP plus 4 bonus liverecordings. None of these are no longer in stock. (probably one more release will appear with material never heard on record - recordings from before the singles between 1964 - 66 - release during  2021 or 2022. GarageLandRecords has come to an end...A LRG-fan is working on to manage a release if possible... (some tracks already on YouTube)